Happy Hogmanay everyone!

 I’ve just cleaned the flat from top to bottom then made a big pot of soup. Had such surges of gratitude and happiness as I chopped the vegetables.   Made me think of Professors Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi research, which we often refer to in a Joyworks! event.  He did 18 years research on happiness and talks of how happiness comes when one is in the ‘flow’ i.e a 100% involved in the activity. Scientific research as always matches what all spiritual teachers say  for peace, bliss and well being.  Be in this moment.  It’s all we have got.

Guess that’s the beauty of a Joyworks event . When we laugh we are completely in the moment, where children and spiritual giants are most of the time. I’m privileged to know many people who live this. Me I’m a learner.  It’s stunning to watch them go about their life like a breeze.

I look back on the last year I could never have imagined to have had the most incredible adventures and experiences. I kicked it off with an awesome start with Dr Kataria and other laughter leaders in India. Danced on the streets of Coimbatore with hundreds at the Ponga Harvest Festival.  Then three weeks’ yoga and meditation in a little piece of heaven which is Isha Foundation.

Recharged and inspired we ran 5 leadership courses in Edinburgh, Glasgow and Aberdeen throughout the year.  Thank you to each and every one of our delegates for rating Joyworks! Courses as outstanding. We are always delighted to hear such wonderful feedback.


Thank you to everyone for making the events so special, for all the laughter and joy shared. To BBC Comedy London for inviting Joyworks to run daily at their first Edinburgh Festival residency.

Thank you to NHS Lothian delighted to be the top rated workshop offered at the Conference. To Health and Mind -we kicked off the first Edinburgh Well Being Mela then West Lothian Mela and finally culminated their evaluation conference.

Some other happy delegates from Joyworks training days, projects and conference and AGM events.

 Edinburgh Literacies Group, Tayside, Scottish Autism ( Using Movement and Mime), Fife Action Trust,Carr Gomm, Hutchison’s Grammar School Health Day Fife Social Services, Stirling Social Services, Bridging The Gap Women’s Independence Day, West End Festival,  Glasgow Life for Merchant City Festival events, Choose Life Stakeholders events, Stirling University Leadership training and Stress management Courses,BBC Radio Scotland World laughter Day, Clyde view School, Long Term Condition, Roswell Big Lunch Support in Mind, Hepatitis C Trust and Lifelink.

In addition we developed drama resources for Planning Aid Scotland and directed Scottish Youth Theatre’s summer show at the Edinburgh Festival Theatre.

A huge thank you to Steph Mayo, Natalie Mc Connon and  Helen Gallagher who ran Joyworks events while I  travelled to Australia to see dear friends  and had such a blast volunteering for the Isha foundation . Also managed to fit in snorkelling in the Great Barrier Reef and watched Merry Widow at Sydney Opera House. Two off the bucket list  Awesome.

I’m so looking forward to the year, to the laughter and to the new friends …

Please do join us at our forthcoming Joyworks! events where through sharing joy and laughter you’ll leave inspired and motivated to score of your own bucket list for 2012! 

Happy New Year!

Our next laugh in Thursday: 5th January

Our next training course :Sat & Sun 28th & 29th January

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