How are you all this Tuesday? The sun is shining in Glasgow! Hurray!

When I asked my Grandpa how he was,  he’d look at me as if I was silly and reply, ‘Great I woke up!’

We woke up.

We woke up.

Millions of people all over the world didn’t.

If the last while has taught as anything it’s to be in appreciation.

To be in appreciation for all the little things, to no more take life, Mother Earth and how we tread in her for granted.

For when we are in appreciation, we are joyful. When we are joyful, we are the best version of ourselves and can serve the world the grandest.

But wherever we are on that appreciation scale today.

It’s all OK.  ‘We are where we are and that’s OK.’  A good mantra to embrace in times like these.

We are where we are and that’s OK.

Help is on the way.

Awareness is the key.

In awareness we can then make a choice.

Do we want to feel better?

If you’re reading this then I’m sure that’s the choice you’ve made.

We can make a choice we really can.

How we felt doesn’t have to be how we feel right now.

Now we’ve all read of the Harvard University Research on the scientifically proven benefits of gratitude. How writing three things in a gratitude journal can improve our happiness levels but shall we go one step further in times like these?

Let’s not wait until the evening and remember things past that we’ve ‘overcome’ lets be in the appreciation throughout the day.

Joy and appreciation like anything can be practised.


1.Do something you love.

We can start by doing something we absolutely love. We always wanted more time and now we have it. I’ve been blown away by our group members in ‘Let’s have a Joy in- Instead’ making videos of Creativity Challenges to inspire, getting dancing going on their street, cooking more, writing songs & poetry and providing art classes online to name but a few.


2.Set an appreciation timer

When it goes off. Pause. Really enjoy the pause. Smile. Throw your arms up in the air. Welcome in the good, then send a message to someone who’s a blessing in your life.


3.Imagine and visualise a future event

How joyous is it going to be when we can all get together again? I’m thinking of Paris in June with my love. If you are struggling to think of one join us on  a Mon/Wednesday and Friday at 10m  or Join us on Friday 10th April at Dunbartonshire Stay at Home Festival.

4 Pepper your day talking about our favourite things

Pepper your day talking about our favourite things. I love… I’m excited about… Wouldn’t it be nice….

When we are travelling we spend so much time talking about what we loved most and why we loved it! We get every last ounce out of the good stuff. We milk every bit of every happening. I’m sure you do the same.

Can we do that now and stay off the C word?

5 Appreciation Rampage

And what’s the thing we are doing a lot of?

Yes, washing our hands! Let’s use it to not only reduce infection but reinforce a positive mindset with a song, a mantra or by talking out loud about all the things we are in appreciation of.

Watch my example of an appreciation rampage here or a fantastic immune boosting song courtesy of Allison Davis – Brain Care not Behaviour Management.  It’s so catchy!

We’ve made this song a regular part of our Joy-In’s!

6 Have a virtual lunch

Eating together is scientifically proven to raise our happiness levels. Perhaps you can bring a photograph of a lovely memory to chat about before you eat.

So many of you are probably ‘Zoomed Out’ so have a Zoom call with colleagues which is just for fun and companionship.

7 Just laugh with a friend

Which friend or colleague cracks you up? In India if anyone can’t get to a Laugher Yoga club they pick up the phone and laugh so yesterday after my Facebook live I picked up the phone and laughed with my grandest cracker upper! So, cathartic and an immune booster!

Appreciation is a wonderful thing it makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well  Volaitre

Joyworks!  Let’s make joy work for us.

Appreciation can bookend our days but it can also be peppered throughout the day to give us  a wonderful feeling of giving , structure and routine.

“The basic difference between an ordinary man and a warrior is that a warrior takes everything as a challenge, while an ordinary man takes everything either as a blessing or a curse.”

 Carlos Castaneda

Choosing to feel good is a challenge right now  I know,  but if we look for the good we shall find it.

Go forth Joy warriors and have the grandest day ever……….

Let’s trade our expectations today for appreciation and watch how the world changes with us!   Tony Robbins