‘Laughter is brightest when food is best.’  Irish Proverb


In November 2020 despite having given up sugar, alcohol, caffeine, and wheat for three months I was still gravely ill.

I was lucky that I had a loving tribe to support me as I went deeper on to the Ayurveda Path.

NHS Specialists were at a loss what to advise but in Ayurveda if one has post viral symptoms, it is simply described as having ‘High Vata.’

Thankfully having lived in India in an Ashram and with a loving tribe to remind and support me I had lots of ways I could reduce it.

I spoke to dear friend’s Ranjit (who is a Surgeon but a Yogi and Meditator for over 30 years) and his wife Kanchi a Yoga and Ayurveda Specialist.

How I loved living with them in Australia.

Kanchi is the grandest cook and I never thought in a million years I could cook delicious meals regularly over a long period of time what with all the travelling I was doing.

She was always my inspiration.

Real changes happened when I took their advice and began an Ayurveda course (which my sister kindly bought me) and consultations with a specialist. How lucky was I!

I started to do Yoga Nidre three or four times a day (more about this in another post) and cooked a balanced bowl three times a day.

I make my own ghee and each balanced meal has an augmenting vegetable, an extractive vegetable, legumes, and a grain.

For eight months I had been doing my best re-heating food in the microwave or food from the freezer.

Now 95 % of the time I eat fresh organic food and keep it warm in my instant pot (Best gift ever from my love Paolo) until dinner time.

I cannot quite believe I am still doing it. That I have kept it up for all this time.

Laughter is the brightest when food is best.

One day when I was especially needing to rest, I ordered in a Pizza as a ‘treat.’

After meals I feel so satisfied and loved ones laugh at how often I say, ‘So tasty.’

But after this treat I did not get that feeling at all.


I missed it.

That is what keeps me going.

Knowing what a treat is really!

A friend came to pick me up and could not believe the difference in me after just ten days. I was walking straighter; my voice had improved; I had more energy, and my tummy was so much happier!

One of the symptoms was severe GI issues and although I was barely eating,  I looked as if I was 9 months pregnant.

This was due to the inflammation in the body.

Now following an Ayurveda, I have lost four stone I never feel hungry or crave sweets or snacks  and if I want something sweet, I have a juicy date or recently a fig. Yummy!


 I’m so excited to have roasted chestnuts for Christmas Day!

I rejoice when I open my kitchen drawer to see my bowl of colours.

Spice and more spice.

You may think that adding spices is just for the taste but Ayurveda a 5,000-year ancient science teaches that each spice has an impact on certain organs on the body.

It does not matter how tired I feel when I begin to cook, I feel better, and it does not take long.

How I love to see all the rainbow colours together making me shine.

I have equipment to chop the vegetables and the rice cooker and instant pot mean it is ready fast without standing watching over stoves.

I wondered how it would be when my love arrived home after being stuck in the States for fifteen months and with festivities coming up.

So much to celebrate!

However, I find the best thing to celebrate is that I feel free. I know what my body needs to heal. I love nourishing it. I love being in company but free of what I should eat or drink.

I no longer need sugar, caffeine, and alcohol. One day I will feel the need and I will let myself off the hook if I do but I love that I am free of the need to change how I feel by opening the fridge.

Often in Joyworks we would chat about this.

I am delighted to say for now I am enlightened!

In Ayurveda they say, ‘Food is your breath.’

It was profound how I experienced that. My breath come back to me.

I feel so grateful that I had the support to do this.

It’s been life-changing.

If you’re struggling with health issues get some good people around you and look into Ayurveda.

If you are healthy then of course you can play about with what you eat, and the festive period is the time to do it, but I hope you find time to nourish yourself with delicious fresh food and here is a lovely article that links cooking with happiness here to inspire you!

Editor’s Note -I cooked three times a day until Christmas when I received the best gifts to make cooking even more joyful now, I cook once or twice but still eat three delicious fresh meals a day and now Paolo is learning Ayurveda I am looking forward to his delicious concoctions!

‘Let your food be your medicine and your medicine be your food’