Joyworks! Laugh In :Charity Fundraiser Scottish Refugee Council

11 Dec

Joyworks! Laugh In :Charity Fundraiser Scottish Refugee Council

In the Moment 72 Berkeley St, , Glasgow

Tickets no longer available

Scottish Refugee Council is an independent human rights  charity dedicated to supporting people who have fled horrific situations around the world. They believe in a Scotland in which all people seeking refugee protection are welcome and where people seeking sanctuary can live dignified and safe lives.

They welcome and provide sanctuary to people fleeing conflict and persecution in countries like Syria, Eritrea, Sudan and Afghanistan.

In Scotland and across the UK they have seen an enormous outpouring of public goodwill an empathy towards refugees. Joyworks are so glad to be part of their movement, a movement that recognises refugees as our friends and neighbours in desperate need of help.

They continue to work hard with partners and community groups across Scotland to spread the message #IWelcomeRefugees.

Do join us on this very special evening to raise awareness and essential funds,

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