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8 Apr

Let’s Have a Joy In Instead!

10.00 Zoom Meetings. ,

Over the last 12 years Sharon Miller and her team have brought staff, teams, groups and individuals across the globe out of their comfort zone (for that's where all the fun is) into fun, joy, laughter and wellness in a very short time and we've discovered over the last two weeks that our mission and the experiential learning translate brilliantly to digital offerings !

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10 Apr

Joyworks at Dunbartonshire Wellness at Home Festival

7.00-8.00pm ,

Now more than ever we must be our own best friend, let ourselves off the hook and accept ourselves however we are feeling and do more of what we love. Right?

Together apart we can do so much to weather these storms. The more we value things outside our control, the less control we have. This is a perfect time to put more value on who we are and what we can do.

You’ll leave with scientifically proven practical take-aways on how you can improve well-being for yourself and others.

Taking part in this upbeat, interactive and truly memorable online event your cup will be filled up, you’ll be in a place of joy and inspired to things differently and more than likely laugh like you’ve never laughed before!

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18 Jun

Edinburgh : Laughter Yoga Leadership Course

10-5pm Cyrenians, Flavour and Haver Cook School ,66 – 68 Jane Street,Edinburgh

Come train with the best -many say it is life changing!

In a most uplifting and fun weekend to remember we train people to be qualified Laughter Yoga Leader professionals. Some are educators and health professionals keen to use it with colleagues, clients and groups, some are teachers or therapists who want to offer more to their clients, some are individuals who want a happiness boost or to learn new scientifically proven techniques to help them cope with everyday life.

“It's the most inspiring, uplifting training I have ever done. Take the course – it changed my life.”

M.Gaughan, Lecturer & Certified Laughter Yoga Leader, Napier University

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