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In addition to our offerings in the corporate and community sector you can attend our programmes, events and coaching programmes.

Our events will leave you feeling inspired, open minded, confident, full of energy and closer to the people around you. You will also experience the many health and well-being benefits .

See some of the great feedback we attract in What People Say.

The benefits are almost immediate, too. In the days following the workshop, I find that I’m laughing more often, but that I’m also calmer in everyday life and better at dealing with small stresses and niggles.   Kirstin Innes, The List Magazine

EVENTS : A Joyworks event begins gently since most people are a wee bit nervous. Then, when everyone feels confident and comfortable, we start to have fun with the Joyworks Method. We use  laughter yoga, laughter therapy, meditation, mindfulness,creative play, powerful drama strategies, exhilarating games and plenty of relaxation.  No previous experience necessary just come with an open mind and a willingness to have fun and play.

TRAINING:Come train as a Laughter Yoga Leader -with sector leading Joyworks! Many say it’s lifechanging !

Thinking of bringing us to your organisation or workplace ? Over the last 15 years we’ve attracted consistent fabulous client feedback. 

See our forthcoming events and trainings below or Contact Joyworks! to find out more.

23 Apr

Joyworks for Self-Compassion

7pm online ,

Joyworks for Self-Compassion is an exciting ONLINE transformational creative coaching course designed for those that are doing the tough inner work and want to have fun too.

Are you ready to take your Self-Compassion to a whole new level?

Let's end the year strong.
Let's deepen our self-compassion and nurture ourselves with creativity, laughter, games and song you'll feel revitalised and with oodles of self-compassion techniques to keep joy going strong throughout 2024 with new joyful soul tribe to support and watch our world change.

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