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Joyworks! provides creative education workshops and projects and staff training to schools, colleges, universities and community organisations.

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Tailored Education Projects

Our aim is to improve young people’s emotional health, empathy, resilience, and confidence. We also help to uncover conflict within groups and provide solutions.

“85 % of pupils described feeling good or brilliant after taking part and 55% of pupils stated that their thoughts about themselves had changed while 52% of pupils stated that they would do things differently as a result of the project.”

Final Report: Using Laughter for Confidence, Greenwood Academy

Joyworks! uses proven, specialist techniques. These include laughter workouts, drama strategies, scripts, conflict resolution techniques, positive psychology, team building, and visualisation and relaxation.

Our sessions can be incorporated into Personal and Social Development sessions or school enhanced provision and learning support groups.

Projects are tailored to meet the needs and abilities of classes and groups, and follow the  Curriculum for Excellence:

  • We address stress management, peer pressure and pupils’ role in society.
  • We introduce and develop pupils’ skills in language, role play, communication and presentation.
  • We encourage pupils’ creativity and imagination.

Stirling University

At Stirling University we’ve ran events for staff and students during Mental Health Week. Activities and exercises were peppered with scientific research which ensured all participants had not only a wonderful experience and positive memory to tap into but were also equipped with knowledge on how to promote good mental health for themselves and others.  We also continue to run Stress Management Session for the Student Leadership Programmes to give practical and simple techniques to boost mood and calm stressors.

‘The work done by Joyworks!  has been received very enthusiastically by students and staff who attended and I hope that our organisation will be working with them more in the future.

Mark Charters, Education & Engagement

I started the day feeling awful, just couldn’t be bothered with work. My manager brought me into the session and when I left I couldn’t stop smiling! For the rest of the day everyone couldn’t stop mentioning how happy and full of energy I looked.”

“At first the session was a bit strange and felt a little forced, but once we got into it and Sharon started explaining about what laughter does to us I really got into it and felt really energised. The tips really helped me think about how small changes could really help me later on.”

‘One Word…. Amazing!  Walked into my first laughter yoga session on a day that I could not be bothered to do anything and I left feeling like I could do anything!!! It is wonderful to know how much the simple act of laughing makes you feel so great!  It was so silly at first the thought of laughing for no reason but that’s why it was great because if we need a reason to laugh when the reason is gone so is our laughter but if we can laugh for no reason it’s the best. The fact that it’s for no reason makes it the best because you are not laughing at anyone or anything so you are hurting no one. Once you get into the laughing mood and let go of yourself the silliness all becomes FUN!!! It is a must attend for everyone. It’s so relaxing especially if you are one who does not laugh often it’s definitely worthwhile. The session with Joyworks was a fantastic one and I would definitely be attending more of them. ‘


Staff Training Tailored Packages

Joyworks! provides training sessions around teambuilding, stress management or conflict resolution.

A training session includes an energising laughter workshop. It also explores techniques for bringing happiness into people’s day-to-day lives and the classroom, ward or workplace.  Delegates leave equipped with lots of new ideas (and a useful handout) for use in their own work. They also feel incredibly empowered and positive.

Jewel & Esk College

We ran a half day training event for the Staff Development Collaborative Group at  Jewel and Esk College. This event brought together ten staff from neighbouring colleges and universities.  Aims of project and Range and appropriateness of facilitators approaches were graded as having major strengths/very good while  Quality of facilitators dialogue and  Range and choice of activities were graded as outstanding/ sector leading.  90%  of staff would attend another event.

‘Wonderful! It’s given me a set of new ways to introduce and develop concepts of healthy and behaviour…..and it was fun!
A.Clinch, Lecturer Jewel and Esk College, Edinburgh

A really interesting approach to encourage groups out of their comfort zone. Everyone reported feelings of well being; ranging from ‘fun’ to ‘blissed’ . We would highly recommend a Joyworks experience.

Louise Macdonald, Manager Young Scot Training Day


Cluster Group Joyworks! In-service

Budgets are tight but a Joyworks! event makes a highly enjoyable and cost effective in-service event. We can take up to 25 staff.  Increase your staff morale and relationship with cluster schools. Staff  leave session feeling uplifted and energised. They come out of  their comfort zone with plenty of ideas on how to increase their own happiness and inspiring tools to use in the classroom.    Half days and full day training packages on offer tailored to clients’ needs, and are monitored and evaluated with performance indicators. We always get great feedback read more : What People Say

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