Triggering the senses-tailored workshops for the Health Sector

Joyworks! provides tailored workshops for people suffering from emotional, physical, social or mental health problems such as depression, addiction or dementia.

Many people feel alone or have trouble connecting with others. Joyworks! helps them feel engaged and empowered. Allowing all to explore behaviours and fears in a safe, healthy and more importantly fun environment. We do this with laughter yoga, creative arts and powerful drama strategies.

We also do training sessions and workshops with people, groups and organisations working in the health sector. A Joyworks!  workshop is a great way to kick off a conference or boost staff morale.


Enjoy exclusive science backed health and happiness tips for you or your workplace featured on the front page of The Sunday Post’s P.S Magazine- ‘How to Blue Monday with joy’. 

Listen to Joyworks Director Sharon Miller’s guest appearance on Big Light Productions ( BBC Broadcaster Janice Forsyth’s podcast series)  with ‘Brave Your Day Your Way’ talking about the Healing Power of Joy and Laughter.


Joyworks! has delivered hugely successful laughter therapy projects  in Loch View and Bellsdyke Psychiatric Hospitals. We’ve delivered in-house training events for NHS Greater Glasgow, NHS Forth Valley and laughter projects with NHS Ayrshire and Arran.

We are privileged to regularly culminate Rainbow Valley’s ‘Seven Steps to Health Retreat’ at Ardoch in Loch Lomond. Hear founder Angela Macvicar and STV’s Laura Anne Boyd share why Joyworks culminates this life changing retreat here.

Epilepsy Connections is an award winning Self-Management Project and nominated for the award for the second year running. As part of their project Joyworks inputs four workshops to improve emotional well-being. 

We were voted the the top workshop offered at NHS Lothian Recovery Conference. We’ve worked with Support in Mind, Joint Dementia, Glasgow Association for Mental Heath and  Alzheimer’s Groups.

What happens when we laugh?

Laughter produces feel-good chemicals, endorphins, in the brain. This rejuvenates and accelerates the body’s healing process and is a natural painkiller. Laughter also decreases the body’s levels of cortisol, the stress hormone, and so improves relaxation.

Please click here to view just how much laughter yoga can reduce stress.

Please click here to read research on how laughter yoga can help older depressed women.

The body does not know the difference between spontaneous or induced laughter. So it doesn’t even matter if you’re pretending to begin with. Even pretend laughter produces endorphins and decreases cortisol, but don’t worry it doesn’t stay fake for long.  Before you know it, fake laughter turns into real belly laughs. Read more on why laughter is the best medicine.

Please click here to read a recent award winning report on the therapeutic values of using laughter yoga with stroke patients.

“I feel empowered again. I laughed more this week after the workshop than I have in a long, long time.”

Rachel Hawthorn, Young Mum, Using Laughter For Assertiveness Project, NHS North Ayrshire

Wonderful experience! Lifted mood and energy and reminded me that perspective is everything.  

 L.Benzie, CEO Lifelinks

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If you’re in the health sector and would like to book a workshop or training session for your client group patients or staff then please email or call Sharon, Director of  Joyworks! on 07713033096.

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