March Joy In – Swirl into Spring

18 Mar

March Joy In – Swirl into Spring ,

Tickets no longer available

Leaving feeling celebrated, renewed, heart full and singing.

Joyworks house style has wooed clients for over a decade in our live Joyworks events across the globe.

Since 2020 client feedback has proved time and time again it works just as fabulously online.

Can’t make this free Joy In?

Join in the fun with the replays.

Here’s what our beautiful community said about the last Joy Ins

‘Feel so blessed to be part of this wonderful community.’

‘Sets my vibration for the rest of the day… Sharon is a big ray of sunshine, with a big dollop of motivation and finely no matter how positive and enthusiastic I am before the session, I always finish with a higher score!’

‘Fantastic way to start the day with such a positive, uplifting session… really did help set me up for the day with a much better, happier frame of mind. Each day’s session kept me going and lifted me up even more for the following day.’

Join us every third Friday  at 10 am for 30 minutes of absolute fun, creativity and togetherness.

Simply join our Facebook Group.



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