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Our events across the UK will leave you feeling inspired, open minded, confident, full of energy and closer to the people around you. You will also experience the many health and well-being benefits .

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The benefits are almost immediate, too. In the days following the workshop, I find that I’m laughing more often, but that I’m also calmer in everyday life and better at dealing with small stresses and niggles.   Kirstin Innes, The List Magazine

EVENTS : A Joyworks! Laugh In begins gently since most people are a wee bit nervous. Then, when everyone feels confident and comfortable, we start to have fun. We use laughter yoga, exhilarating games and plenty of relaxation. Most people find themselves laughing until their tummies hurt! No previous experience necessary just come with an open mind and a willingness to have fun and play.

TRAINING:Come train as a Laughter Yoga Leader -with sector leading Joyworks! Many say it’s lifechanging !

Thinking of bringing us to your organisation? Come along  to a Laugh In – see what it’s all about.

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11 Dec

Joyworks! Laugh In :Charity Fundraiser Scottish Refugee Council

7.00-9.00pm In the Moment 72 Berkeley St, ,Glasgow

None of us can fail to be deeply moved and horrified by the images and reports daily on the refugee crisis.

Do join us this Sunday afternoon - an afternoon of sharing joy and oodles of fun. An afternoon filled with laughter with hearts full and overflowing with Christmas cheer knowing that our friends and neighbours will benefit.
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14 Jan

January Blues? Come bask in fun and train in our Laughter Yoga Leadership Course

10.00-5.00pm The Salisbury Centre 2 Salisbury Road , Edinburgh

A life-changing weekend. Qualify to leads others. Leave with an international qualification.
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29 Jan

Day Course ‘With Mirth and Laughter Let Old Wrinkles Come!’

10-5pm In the Moment 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow ,Glasgow

This day is a reminder for all of us that joy is available, you can connect, you are seen and as Buddha said, 'Deep in our hearts, we all want to be loved and cherished'.

By being reminded of what truly matters, sharing that joy and getting out of our heads and into our hearts we will feel motivated, more accepting of ourselves and ready to make any necessary changes in our lives.

This day course is the culmination of our very successful Buddha & The Bard Six Week Course. Excited to be delivering it as a one day event. Come back soon to see past testimonials!

Leave with an action plan and a Joyworks buddy to help you keep the sparkle of the day!
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