Joyworks For Self-Compassion


Why Joyworks for Self-Compassion?

Science tells us that self-compassion changes our biochemistry.

Self-compassion heals our wounds, bodies, and our relationships.

How many precious moments do we miss when we are down on ourselves?

Yes, we know this.

If you are reading this, I know that you are practising self-compassion already.

Imagine how much more powerful it would be to do it with like-minded souls and while allowing our inner child out to play!

What will this online project help us do?

Forgive ourselves for our mistakes

Let ourselves off the hook when we say something we regret

Learn to speak kindly to ourselves even when we feel we’ve fallen short.

Increase our awareness when we are being unkind to ourselves

Put ourselves first

Learn to say no and practise opportunities of doing so

Rejoice in our imperfection

Celebrate our differences

Shrug/ laugh things off

Dance, Sing, Laugh and Create every day ! Ready for a more joyful and self-compassionate 2024

How will it work?

You will work closely with Sharon Miller, Joyworks Founder and Singer, Performer and Teacher,Polly Beck  every week on Zoom in a small intimate group.

What’s included?

Eight creative group sessions on Zoom  (two a week )

Two One to One Coaching Call with Sharon

Highly interactive and engaging WhatsApp Group

Weekly Playtime activity

Daily Check in – Intention Setting

Weekly Inspirational Video

Ten Playdates

Oodles of self-compassionate activities and tips to keep you on your healing path.


Is it for you?

It’s for you if……

You are naturally an uplifter.

You are healing from illness.

You are coming out of a relationship.

You have recently moved.

You want a career change.

You want to meet people other people like you on the spiritual path.

You are a hero dealing with loss.

You just love to sing but say you can’t sing.

You are so creative in your day-to-day life and want to do more.

You want inspired again to do the things you used to love to do.

You have a fabulous voice and love to sing with others.

You’ve been on the spiritual path for a while and ready to lighten up and have even more fun.

What did our  previous Self-Compassion Heroes  say?

Did you feel more self-compassionate, inspired, and nurtured
energised at the end of the project?

YES I did. I felt so much more aware of opportunities for self-connection and tending. I also felt uplifted by all the diverse sources that Sharon recommended to gives us ideas and tools for practicing self-compassion.

‘I will more time for play, song, dance, and LAUGHTER,  I’ve also noticed that I’m realizing how harsh I can be with myself, and I’m seeing a new light in my day for being more aware of all the things I can do and what I appreciate about myself.

I think Sharon did a standout job weaving in everyone’s input during the live sessions and in the group into our activities and conversations. 

I liked how the creative activities gave me a chance to do things other than what I would
normally do to nurture myself. I loved all the talks!  I had the experience of not knowing what I needed until I watched them. Thank you. I think they were all equally beneficial – each one was what I needed at the time.  I loved theme singing exercises to release tension from the jaw, tongue, and other areas of the face. I also liked the breath work, it felt very gentle and unimposing. I loved being able to sing along!  Just getting the voice and breath moving were so helpful.

I was touched by the interaction on the whatsapp group; I didn’t know if I would get involved, but it turned out to be a great resource for me. Gosh, there are so many neat ideas in the playdates there too.

The course was great value.  I’m so glad I took the leap  of faith and went for it, not really knowing what I was signing up for .

What surprised me about the project was the continuity of support throughout the week. I wasn’t expecting the consistency of interaction. I also was happy to see how much poetry was woven into the project, which inspired me to reconnect with this resource. I also wasn’t expecting the consistent feedback and replies from Sharon in the whatsapp group – that was very supportive!

Thank you so much Sharon for bringing your heart and smile to every aspect of the project. Just seeing you on camera and hearing your voice in the talks and other materials were a source of upliftment and helped me recommit to my true path of healing. Thank you for seeing, honouring, and receiving me. I was so touched by the depth and sincerity of you care and attention. I hope the new year gifts us many more opportunities to be together. ‘ 

Taylor, Thank you for helping me feel the music of letting go and letting be! I really enjoyed the chakras  work as well, and the playtime activities you poured your soul into. It really helped me feel permission to take up more room in my own voice and body. 

‘Oh, my goodness  Polly, you really closed out our course with a slam. Your voice and guidance were such healing instruments, exactly what I needed to receive. I felt alive and reconnected to something precious inside me. I hope I have the opportunity to work with you again in the future.’ 

Shruti, USA

‘Sharon thank you for this course. The activities were varied and obviously very well
thought out. I really appreciated your involvement and quick replies in our WhatsApp
group. Your energy and laughter was really contagious and your commitment to us so
obviously genuine. I felt the project was outstanding’   Bernie, England


‘Didnt know what to expect but loved the mixture of the levity and the depth – you have such an uplifting presence and a lovely mix of people’   Georgianne Scotland

About Polly Beck

Polly, originally from Liverpool, now living in Greenock, studied singing at the RSAMD (now Royal Conservatoire of Scotland) graduating with a BA in Music Performance. On leaving here, she performed with Scottish Opera’s full time chorus for two years before winning a scholarship to study on the post-graduate course at the Royal Northern College of Music. She was also awarded the D’Oyly Carte, Peter Moores and Countess of Munster scholarships, and went on to achieve an MMus in Music Performance, specialising in the Application of Stanislavski’s System in Opera and Song. During this time she also achieved her LTCL Teacher’s Diploma in Speech and Drama.


For the last twenty years, Polly has been dedicated to developing her singing teaching: she has always loved combining teaching and performing. Before moving back to Scotland, Polly taught singing and Performance Awareness classes, as well as taking the choir, at the Junior RNCM.

She also had a busy private teaching practise.


Since moving back to Scotland 19 years ago, Polly has helped to create projects with Scottish Opera Education Dept and to secondary pupils, as well as delivering CPD to primary and secondary school teachers.


Coaching and workshops for other organisations includes DanceSing and MPEG (Music Partners in Education Group).


She is also a singing teacher for the RCS Junior Conservatoire, National Youth Choir of Scotland, University of Glasgow and for Inverclyde Music Services. Polly is also the Vocal Coach for the RSNO Senior Chorus and for Inverclyde’s Senior choir.

As a soloist Polly has sung with several UK orchestras, and appeared in many festivals throughout the country, including the 40th anniversary Aldeburgh Festival. More recently she has sung with Lyric Opera Dublin and for the Royal Opening of the Beacon Arts Centre, Greenock, she also made her North American debut as a soloist with a series of concerts in Canada and the US.

Polly enjoys a variety of concert work which includes French, German, English and American Art Song as well as songs and arias from opera, operettas and musicals.


She can’t wait to be with you all to help you deepen your self-compassion through song!

Joyful Testimonials from previous online events and projects

I’m so lucky to have this community especially on difficult days. It helps move energy in the body, and it reminds me of a bigger brighter world. Today’s workshop was magical’ Marina


 Because of you I sing, dance and laugh every day. I feel like the girl I used to be . Diana


  Five stars! Very joyful, constantly on an up with good energy. It’s contagious. The roleplays were brilliant, the breathing and then the explanation, then the activities. The structure worked well.R.C.


  I enjoyed the sessions. I feel she helped me to build my self-confidence and question how I look at my thoughts and feelings and learn how to cope with them in a more positive way. J.T


 My husband and myself both feel this course is really helping me to learn to deal with some of my problems and not feeling the need to feel embarrassed anymore about them.  Mary


23rd April -7th May 2024

Early Bird Offer before 10th April  £500 after £650

Alternatively you can pay via BACS Joyworks  Sort Code  09/01/27      Account 47679779

Interested but still have questions? Send a whatsapp +447713033096 or give us a call today!



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