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Fully Accredited Laughter Yoga Leader Training Now Online & Face to Face
Joyworks For Self-Compassion
Unstuck and Radiant- Seven day path to unleash inner joy

2023 Joy Reflection and Review
A wee note to my Papa on his birthday
Back From The Brink & The Four Ways I found Joy
Belly Laughs Guaranteed but what else?
Dancing Every Day: The Science-Backed Benefits for Your Mind, Body, and Soul
Eight Qualities of A Laughter Yogi in the Making
Eight simple ways to be more playful in your day!
Festive Manifesto – especially if you are doing it tough
Fifteen Play Dates for Easter
Fifteen things I’ve learned in fifteen years of Joyworks (in fifteen minutes)
Five minutes to get Creative
Four Scientifically Proven Benefits of Heart Touch for Joy
Four ways I’ve found Joy in Healing
Happy Hogmany
Im on my way
International Day Of Happiness
Joyworks! Swirl into Springtime News!
Laughter is the Brightest when the Food is Best – Irish Proverb
Lets Have A Joy-In Instead – Six Appreciation Tips
New Year. Notice More. Joy is always there.
One simple way I found joy when healing
Seven Ways to Be your own hero
The Wonders of Silence – Seven Science Backed Benefits of Silence inspired by my seven day silent retreat!
Touching Peace by Tich Nhat Hanh
Unpack Joy – Four Fun Ways to Beat Festive Overwhelm
We’re In The News
What can we learn from the Dutch- International Happiness Week at Work
Why Choose a Word for The Year and How to make it work for you.
Why I wanted to give everyone their money back in my first ever public event
Why is singing so good for us?
World Smile Day
You’re awful serious you want to lighten up!

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