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Joyworks! attracts great client feedback for our tailored  inhouse training events in the corporate,health and education world.

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1 Nov

Winter:Buddha &The Bard 6 week course

7.00-9.00 In the Moment 72 Berkeley St, Glasgow ,Glasgow

If you love to see people light up, drop their inhibitions, start to smile, play, come together and so quickly too!

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If you are feeling feel low, unworthy,just plain stressed or just looking for a right good laugh
Join us

Each week is a constant reminder for all of us that joy is available, you can connect, you are seen and as Buddha said, 'Deep in our hearts, we all want to be loved and cherished'.

By being reminded of what truly matters, sharing that joy and getting out of our heads and into our hearts hopefully we can feel motivated, more accepting of ourselves and make necessary changes in our lives.
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