When was the last time you took yourself on a play date?

This Easter Holiday is the perfect time to do it- do it just for you.

Here’s fifteen ways to nurture yourself into joy!

1) What lovely memories do you have when you were a child in spring time?
Plan an inner child date date and set a date when you are going to execute it. Fulfil your promise to the wee one inside.

2) What would your idea be of a ‘creative date’
What museum or art gallery haven’t you visited yet?
Take some craft materials envelopes paper etc.
After you’ve been go to a café and write about it or draw. Share the joy by posting your musings or art to loved ones you haven’t seen for a while. They’ll love them so much – much better than a postcard!

3) Take up an unconventional fitness class, like aerial yoga, trampoline workouts, or hula hooping or belly dancing. 

4) Take a digital detox for a whole day or weekend to unplug from technology and focus on self-care like reading, journaling, or spending time outdoors!
I’m so looking forward to my silence retreat in June!
Unexpected gifts are bountiful and endless when we choose silence and unplugging.

5) What things did you love to do as a child?
First journal about it and get excited. How can you make it into a hobby? E.g  mosaics, photography, pottery, or writing, gardening etc

6) Who’s the friend or family member you love to have fun with?
Plan a play date where you do something fun and playful like roller skating, playing board games, or visiting an amusement park.

7) Get your favourite photos and use a Face app to make them ‘sing’ and send them to friends and family.
Share some love and fun.
I love Revive. It’s given me so many hours of fun. You don’t need to subscribe- use the free version.

8)Make a fun simple healthy desert here’s some ideas.

9)When someone is talking to you- really listen.
Check in with yourself when you are planning a reply and be kind and soothing ‘that’s ok wee darling’.
Stay present.
No need to comment.

Use your eyes and facial expressions. See how nurtured and joyful you feel after.

10) Find ten un matching bright coloured items of clothing or jewellery you’ve not worn in forever! 
Put them ALL on.
Go outside a walk or to the supermarket or if not brave enough yet – FaceTime someone and see how your confidence and sense of playfulness and fun grows.

11) Become fully accredited in Laughter Yoga!
Begins 15th April .Share your joy and change lives -only 5 places left. You can book now or attend the next VIP complementary online event on April 11th@7pm and hear from other Laughter Yogis who are out there make a huge impact!

12  Transform our self-compassion with fun, creativity and SONG on our Joyworks for Self-Compassion. Course starts 25th April 6 places left.

13) Join us this Friday on iRise for our weekly free event –this week is ‘From Bunnies to Blessings’

14)  Unleash your inner child. Go to the park and play on the swings and the roundabouts.

15) Join our wonderful complimentary Facebook group The Joy Academy  this week’s weekly Wednesday Joy Spot@ 6.30pm.
Today is ‘Unlocking the keys to greater joy -Five tips to build deeper connections in our relationships.’

Love to hear which ones inspire you!

Wishing you a wonderful Easter, Kate and I are spending Good Friday delivering a fabulous team-building event for 49 staff. Can’t wait!

Love Sharon