Before I write the highlights of this year  I’m struck of how different a photo this is from years gone by.

My partner took it on Boxing Day!

We’d just travelled back from Amsterdam from visiting his dear 94-year-old Auntie and his family joined from Florida – So special. I was so excited to get into all the gifts under the tree that had been there for weeks!

We all have different memories of festive times gone by I remember ones alone and sick, others with friends I needed to be away from and some where I couldn’t make myself get out of bed!

Nothing lasts forever.

Great to remember when we are doing it tough and doubles our joy when we are feeling blissful and appreciative.  Wherever you are on the joy scale I send you love.

We deserve to cultivate as much joy and connection as we can.

Save it up for those times which will inevitably bring curve balls. None of us are immune to life.

One of my favourite quotes is Tich Nhat Hanh’s “We are here to awaken from our illusion of separateness.”  And this for me is the spirit of the holidays.

We are all in this together.

I hope that you reach out for what you need, embrace the fun that comes along and treasure it.

And I hope you enjoy 2023 in rev2023 Joy Review 

thank you

As the year ends, massive thanks for your support- I so appreciate you !

It was a year of grand victories and unexpected setbacks that lead to growth and learning – sore but invaluable.

Snapshot of Highlights:
5 online programmes
10 face to face events
Over 500 attendees
2 invites to be featured in books.
13 blogs
4 New Laughter Yoga Leaders trained.
100% rated Outstanding or Very Good in our performance indicator evaluations.

Events and Programme Highlights

* Rainbow Valley Seven Steps to Health Retreats
* Gupta Programme’s Friday sessions connecting our global family
* Transformative online Joyworks for Confidence with Epilepsy Well Connected (Next: February) and with singer Polly Beck on Joyworks for Self-Compassion (Next: April)

New Free Bliss out Shine Bright Joy Online Adventure created unexpected creativity and so much fun and deep connection with 40 sign ups.

Collaborative events: Beatson Cancer Institute, Highland Show & Highland Education Centre, Connect Festival in Edinburgh, McMillan Cancer Research

Four new joyful change-makers from May’s Laughter Yoga leadership coaching programme now an ongoing  online programme culminating in Glasgow on February 11th.

Fundraising with Richmond Hope in Edinburgh

Chose one book to share a bit of my story in & featured in podcasts ‘Leaders of the Heart’ and ‘I am the Healing Rebel.’

Joyworks corporate events, built on 15 years of success.  LOVED  a dynamic gathering, uniting 70 staff from seven countries for an energising event. 

We also brought together four businesses, celebrating their joint success with Joyworks signature flair.

On a personal note, I so loved having my love here from the states for six months and getting in a wee bit of travel.

My dear pal brought her new bairns to visit me from Australia, my sister overcame a health scare, and I got a new kitchen!

Huge thanks to the Joy Clan on Facebook, my amazing support team Polly, Caroline, Kate, Valerie, Ali and Anja.

Wishing you all an incredible one – one that is filled with joy, connection , nurturing , inspiration and getting outside our comfort zone for that’s where all the fun is !

Love Sharon