Why Choose a Word for The Year and How to make it work for you.

Why choose a word for the year? It is a much more forgiving and flexible approach, focusing on our overall journey rather than specific outcomes, resolutions, or intentions that we feel disappointed we cannot keep when our world changes as it inevitably will throughout the year.

I loved all of the choices; my favorites were consistency, love, faith, safety, heal, connection, fun, and magic.

What will yours be?

Whatever you choose, reflecting on this chosen word throughout the year provides an opportunity for self-discovery and personal insight. It can deepen the connection between our personal values and actions, fostering a more meaningful and intentional way of living.

Choosing it carefully can serve as a source of inspiration and motivation – a constant reminder of the overarching theme you want to embody or pursue the way you want to live.

I chose ‘wellness’.

For it will help prioritises my health and happiness; it’s a proactive word encapsulating the investment I want for a vibrant and fulfilling 2024, capturing my intentions of eating well, speaking well, living well, playing well, working well, providing exceptional wellness programmes, creating well, and resting well!

I’d love to hear what you chose!

Decide to look for that word every day.

You’ve chosen that it’s important so the Reticular Activating System (RAS )in the brain will look for it and allow it into your conscious mind.

You know this when you decide on a car to buy you ‘suddenly’ see them everywhere.

That car was always there of course but the RAS blocked them as it wasn’t important then.

Can you imagine the difference to your day when you are actively looking for your word to create more meaning to your day or your overall being or initiative for the year?

As a family or with your staff or team you can use magazines and crafts to make an ever-changing collage of your words.

As you see the collage grow  use it as an opportunity to discuss where everyone is ,the challenges that are coming up in accessing their chosen word and ways to help.

Love to hear how you go!  Love Sharon