Eight simple ways to be more playful in your day!


  • Morning dance party: Okay okay we know how music gets us into feeling good fast but just like laughter -do you harness it is more on a regular basis? You’ve heard me talk often about morning songs. My love now back in the states sends me a song to wake up to! . So that keeps me with my Dance Party habit. I remember when I lived in the ashram in India walking to the Yoga Hall at 4.30am always hearing ‘Man in the Mirror’ by Michael Jackson wafting out of one of the rooms . What a great song to remind that our good day starts with us. Start your day with a five-minute dance party in your living room to your favourite upbeat songs and watch how it changes your day!

  • Silly photo challenge: One of the participants in our Joyworjs for Wellness Programme funded by the award winning Covid aid( now Covid Support ) reminded me of how the simple act of making a silly face in the mirror cheered her up. It’s a wee thing my sister and I do at the end of calls – embrace the child within ! Throughout  the day, challenge yourself to take at least three silly photos of yourself or your surroundings and share them with friends, colleagues or family and get them in on the silly face challenge too! I’m going to add it to our feature in Friday Fun in our joy community – The Joy Academy!

  • Lunchtime storytelling: One of the ideas when Joyworksing in Corporate that always comes up from teams is –how they’d love to make more time to talk about things other than work!  Instead of discussing work during lunch, take turns with colleagues sharing funny or memorable stories from when you were a child or your favourite toys when small. Endless fun!

  • Desk doodle break: Allow yourself to daydream! Set aside 10 minutes during your workday to doodle on a piece of paper or a whiteboard, letting your imagination flow without any judgment.

  • I still doodle houses with fences birds and trees. I’ve got the birds and trees in the back close of my tenement flat – still awaiting the house but Paolo and I dream of moving to Costa Rica!

  • Walking meeting game: Remember the fun of playing ‘I spy’ Do it at work. Turn your next meeting into a walking meeting and play that. Get back to being childlike or “10 Random Questions” while strolling around the office or outside.

  • Random act of kindness challenge: I just got back from Marks and Spencer’s and while working out how to use the self-service and feeling a little rushed I was repeating my mantra of the year ‘I have all the time in the world’ when an assistant came up and handed my a bunch of daffodils and simply said ‘These are for you!’ How gorgeous! yourself to perform three random acts of kindness throughout the day, such as leaving a funny note for a coworker or complimenting a stranger, or I love to compliment the stranger’s pet too! You could pay someone behind’s parking charge for them or leave a lovely note in your library book before you return it! Get out of our heads and into our hearts and talk to as many people as possible when we are out and about.

  • Outdoor treasure hunt: During your lunch break, go on a mini treasure hunt in a nearby park or outdoor area, decide what you are going to search for before you go – searching for hidden treasures like interesting rocks or unique leaves.

  • Bedtime storytelling: Did you know laughing before bedtime increases melatonin and helps you sleep? So, a group of Japanese doctors discovered! Instead of watching TV before bed, spend 10 minutes telling a silly bedtime story to a loved one, letting your imagination run wild with playful characters and adventures with plenty of laughter or do some laughter yoga in the mirror!

Tell me how they lit you up!

Love to hear

Have a beautiful one!

Love Sharon