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2023 Joy Reflection and Review

Before I write the highlights of this year  I’m struck of how different a photo this is from years gone by. My partner took it on Boxing Day! We’d just travelled back from Amsterdam from visiting his dear 94-year-old Auntie and his family joined from Florida – So special. I was so excited to get […]

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Festive Manifesto – especially if you are doing it tough

Festive Manifesto If this holiday time is a tricky time for you here’s some wee gentle reminders Mindfulness & Safety: Ensure a mindful approach,  in your interactions and environments during the festivities, be aware when you are overthinking, over indulging , over-sharing etc. Forgive yourself make adjustments and move on…it can be an emotional roller-coaster- […]

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Unpack Joy – Four Fun Ways to Beat Festive Overwhelm

Unpack Joy – Four Fun Ways to Beat Festive Overwhelm – engage the senses  1)Aromatherapy with Citrus Scents: Citrus scents like lemon or orange can reduce stress and anxiety, as suggested by science from the journal Complementary Therapies in Medicine. Try using citrus essential oils in a diffuser or around your space to bring calmness and […]

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